Welcome to Eden Light Retreat

Like so many of you, we at Eden Light Retreat are embracing change and after 20 years of providing tailored Detox Programs, promoting, healing, self-care and education, from our beautiful West Australian haven, we are setting off on an adventure to create a purpose-built Health Retreat in the magnificent Huon Valley, in the south of Tasmania.

Our intention is to build a centre of inspiration for healthy and sustainable living from which everyone can learn, heal and grow.

We envision that our individual private Retreats will be completely self-sufficient in terms of water, power and food, built utilising the latest ‘positive’ home technology. The scenery will be of mountains, forests and river, which will add another dimension to the healing power of Eden Light Retreat, Tasmania.

If you would like to be kept up to date on our Progress, in terms of building, Program creation and opening specials then please do send us an email asking to be put on VIP list and you will receive opening discounts too!

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Eden Light Retreat

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