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Forest Bathing

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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing or ‘Shinrin Yoku’ originated in Japan in the 1980’s, designed to combat stress from overwork, which was identified as an increasingly major cause of premature death in Japan.

Put simply, Shinrin Yoku involves spending time in a natural forest environment, breathing deeply and releasing the stress of modern life by tuning in to the energy of a natural system.



At Eden, your personal guide will lead you through the rain forest with an aim of helping you to slow down and connect with nature using all of your senses. Each stage of the journey will focus on a different sense allowing textures, colours, sounds and smells to lift you from the everyday focus of continual demand and stress to the natural world of calm, peace and order.


Whilst little actual physical ground may be covered during the practice, all levels of fitness are easily accommodated, our bodies and minds can move from stress and overwhelm to calm and energisation during this quiet and peaceful guided journey

Scientific studies showed that forest bathing is a simple yet powerful way of significantly reducing blood pressure and stress levels, as well as having cardiac and pulmonary benefits.  Slowing everything down and focusing on the ‘moment’ allows us to become present and truly experience ourselves and our environment, which in turn causes our bodies to move into the parasympathetic nervous system, ‘rest and repair ‘which is our bodies natural restorative state.

forest bathing

…become present and truly experience ourselves…